Nowadays A'Layah a happy, happy girl who almost always has a smile on his face. But her childhood was bad before she was adopted as a 6-year-old.

A'Layahs mother used to be a drug addict, which meant that she had to be placed in a foster home. And something that I could tell from my own experience - the life at the foster home is not especially fun.

The family that adopted her realized pretty quickly that they were not adopted a standard 6-year-old. A'Layah had become a very generous girl who has a heart of gold.

After a while, A'Layah started helping other children who were in the same situation as she had been, and she started the organization "Lemonade for Love" - which proves the point that she has a heart of gold once again.

One day at school A'Layah got a surprise when she was called up ahead of all students, and the video talk for itself!

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