Hadi had not seen his family in over three years since he was studying abroad. During those 3 years, Hadi lost a total of 52 pounds, and he has also changed in the sense of his look.

Together with his brothers, he planned to sit at a restaurant table next to his family to see if his parents really would recognize him. At first, none of his parents really recognized him. After a while, his mother asked their family, "Do not you think the guy next door is like Hadi," then the father replied, "No, the guy next to us looks better."

When his father goes into the toilet sits his mother staring at Hadi, it takes a few seconds before she noticed that it was really Hadi. It was very emotional and they all hugged before the father came back they all planned to joke on him.

When Hadi's father comes back from the bathroom, his wife, Hadi's mother asks him once again if the guy at the next table is like Hadi, wherein which the father responded, "A little." After they sat and laughed about that the guy next to them actually looked like their soon, the father started staring at him until he finally noticed it was his son.

Watch the clip below to see their reactions: