That certain things happen in the same place or in the same car can be very strange.

In 2002, a man drove a motorcycle on a road in Finland and was hit by a truck. Just two hours later, there was another man who was crossing the road when he was walking and tragically he was also hit and died. What makes the story very crazy is that the two men who died on the way were twins and it occurred only 1 mile (1.5 km) apart.

Once there was a mother from Detroit who let her children play on the balcony. Once the baby crawled up on the edge of the balcony and jumped from there, luckily enough, a neighbor came out of the gate and managed to catch the child. A year later the exact same thing occurred once again, suggesting that the mother is very irresponsible.

Aimee and Nick were a couple who were going to get married - they visited Nick's grandparents' house before the wedding. They were looking through old photo albums when Nick suddenly saw a photo that was taken on a beach in England. Shortly after a few minutes, the couple realized that Aimee was in the background. Is this a coincidence or is it fate?

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