In this clip, you will be provided with a list of the 10 most awkward first dates you have ever witnessed before.

An example would be this guy who only had 20$ to actually buy a fancy dinner for. So he was going to text his friend that he only had 20$ for the date and that it was going to rain on the upcoming Friday. But instead of sending it to his friend, as you can imagine, he sent it to the girl he was supposed to have the date with on Friday.

Some of us (talking about myself) have really embarrassed ourselves during the days of dating (thank god it's over, I'm married now.) Once I was going to a date at a guys place and I really had to go to the ladies - this time not to powder my nose, but to take a dump. As you can imagine, something horrible went wrong. It didn't work to flush, and I was so ashamed I didn't text that guy back for weeks to build my courage back up. After 3 years of dating we got married, and now we have 2 wonderful kids. 

Watch the clip below with the embarrassing first date are: